04 January 2012

16 October 2011

so i moved across the globe.

i live in sydney australia now.
....hey, that's pretty fun to say!

i guess i ought to get back to this blog.
step 1: photos of my adventure thus far

02 July 2011

hall & oates.

you make my dreams come true.
going to the hollywood bowl tonight.
vino + garden box seat, check!
best band ever.

15 May 2011

oh, ladies.

why are we all so complicated?
love this representation of us.
thanks for the photo, camraface! 
happy sunday, all.

16 March 2011

my rules of life.

what are your life rules?
do you follow them?
start to.

02 March 2011

should i stay or should i go, now?

It's a new dawn... a new day... and a new year.
Where will this lead us?
This is me putting this idea back into the universe.
Let's see what I get back in return...

19 November 2010


... i feel determined.

now, c'mon universe.
send good energy all around.

happy friday!

24 August 2010

life two kay ten.

life is so funny sometimes, you know?

since march i've been on a soul search to find myself.
i've also learned to never take anything for granted.
love included in that.

love is a trying thing.
its also a lot of hard work.
to love your love.
to forget your love.
to welcome love.

aside from love triumphs, i have cleaned house this year.
priorities are to live life clutter free, literally and figuratively.

only thing missing is a few pounds that need to see the exit.
and a real, routine, back to the grind job.

i'm nearly at my 6 month mark... and i always thought i'd want a year.
i don't think i want a whole year.
i've found what i'm looking for.

just need to complete the puzzle.
in the meantime, i'm going to see john mayer tonight.
we both know thats a smart choice!